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About Us

One thought comes to mind the first time you see a K2 SnowPlow.

"Why didn't someone do that sooner..."

It's Innovative.

Our patent pending two piece plow construction eliminates the challenges associated with warehousing and transporting standard one piece plows.

No sacrifices were made.

We've given names to three of our standard residential plows. Rampage 82", Storm 84" and Summit 88" share the same integrity and functionality of any similarly priced one piece plows on the market today.

Here's where we're different.

Our plows come complete within a clearly labelled box that sits on a standard 40" x 48" pallet or you can choose to have it shipped in 3 easy to handle cartons.

Easy to ship. Simple to warehouse. Easy to display.


For North America sales and service visit: www.detailk2.com/


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